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Lake Issyk and the Turgen Gorge

Today we are heading east from Almaty to see and enjoy spectacular views and immerse into history. The journey one way takes just over an hour. This lake is a popular destination for a one-day get away with many tourists and city residents, and the Turgen Gorge is really good for a short hiking tour.

In the city of Issyk there is a museum where the Golden Man was found. On our way we can see a huge monument of the Golden Man. The museum consists of 4 halls: the history of the Saka times, the Golden Man, the archeology of Kazakhstan and the Golden Man’s secrets. Our guide will tell you about everything you see in the museum and answer all your questions.

After visiting the museum, we go to Lake Issyk, where you can enjoy a beautiful scenery of the lake and the mountains around it. On the way, we make stops for photos with the magnificent landscapes on the background.

After leaving Lake Issyk, we head to the Turgen Gorge for a short 20-minute hike towards the waterfalls. We take a mountain trail of about 1 km, so you should wear comfortable shoes. At the waterfall you have some rest and get a chance to take a couple of excellent shots.

Now our tour is over and go back home.

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