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The Kolsay lakes near Almaty in Kazakhstan: hidden gems in mountains

Kolsay Lakes National Park is one of the most beautiful places in Almaty region and in all Kazakhstan. It is found in the mountains, between the Kungei Alatau and the Trans-Ili Alatau ridges. The lakes are a natural pearl of the Northern Tien Shan. It happens that the three lakes are located one after another, and each of them is unique in its own way.

First Kolsay lake

They are striking in their unique beauty and purity of the water. The color of the water changes from sky-blue to emerald-green. No way there is no life in their waters. The first and the second lakes are abundant with rainbow trout. All the three lakes are surrounded by stunning landscapes of fir trees and shrubs. While walking along the mountain trails you can pick wild strawberries. Once in this region, it is simply impossible to leave. Here, you can breathe the freshest air and relax from the city bustle.

The Kolsay Lakes are perfect for various types of tourists. Some can enjoy the beauty of the first lake and walking around it. More active ones will want to take a little hiking and reach the second lake. It is 10 km away from the first one. The path to the second lake lays along a mountain trail. Throughout the journey, travellers will admire the enchanting mountain landscapes and a stormy river. The river takes its start from the glaciers. On the trail, there are areas for camping as well as direction signs. Following the signs, it is simply impossible to get lost.

Kolsay 2

Kolsay 2

In addition to a light hike between the lakes, mountain trekking lovers will find routes that will definitely capture their minds. Fans of passive recreation can have a picnic. But we should not forget about environmental protection and enjoy the three lakes in a sustainable way. There is the environmental guarding service that watches the surroundings to remain waste-free. At the entrance each visitor is charged a fee.

View from the natural dam

Kolsay lake trips are usually overnight from Almaty city. There are three types of accommodation. You can stay in low-budjet guest houses in the village of Satty 10 km away from the first lake. The next option is staying in a guest house built for tourists located on a hill 8 km from the first lake. The price is average. And of course there are luxury cottages located on a hill near the first lake. This option is the most expensive.

The beauty of the Kolsay Lakes is worth 1,000 words. Such spots definitely leave life-long memories.

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