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Almaty at night

Almaty is a city of great beauty. It combines history and modern era. Many tourists are happy to stroll along the streets and sights of the city during the daytime. However, the city also has something to offer its guests when the sun sets behind the horizon. Kok-Tobe Hill During a night walk around Almaty, […]


The Korgalzhynsky reserve in the Central Kazakhstan, in the southern part of the Tenizsky hollow is located, a half of the reserved territory the Teniz-Korgalzhynsky system of lakes occupies, other half – a big complete site of the steppe. The Korgalzhynsky national Natural Park was organize on April 16, 1968. Firstly Square of the reserve […]

Attractions of Uzbekistan

Let’s talk a little about the most attractive part and the spice of Central Asia — Uzbekistan. Today we immerse into a series of fabulous sights, where everything is imbued with the spirit of the East … whether it is the Princess Tomiris Palace or the memory of the mighty Tamerlane and his feats. Our […]

Top activities in Almaty in winter

Now let’s talk a little about Top activities in Almaty in winter. Since Almaty’s location is unique, just 2 hours drive and you may reach both the mountains and the desert zone commensurately. With that in mind, in winter, you can find a lot of activities, it all depends on the interests of travellers. Ice […]

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