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Almaty at night

Almaty is a city of great beauty. It combines history and modern era. Many tourists are happy to stroll along the streets and sights of the city during the daytime. However, the city also has something to offer its guests when the sun sets behind the horizon.

Kok-Tobe Hill

During a night walk around Almaty, visiting Kok-Tobe Hill is an absolute must. It is here that the Television tower seen from different parts of the city is situated. The lights on the tower are also a kind of beacon for the pilots. This is one of the main attractions of Almaty, and the observation deck commands a spectacular panoramic view beyond any description.

kok-tobe in night

During the day the panorama is picturesque, you can see the whole city spread before your eyes with its roads, junctions, buildings and squares. And now imagine it during the night shimmering in millions of lights! Night lights can be watched forever, dreaming and thinking of life behind each light … Such impressive sight cannot be compared to anything else.

Out-of-town trip

If the residents or the guests of the city want to escape from hectic urban life, an evening trip to the suburbs of Almaty is a great solution. You have a chance to enjoy the sky full of stars, which are clearly visible at night away from the city. There comes tranquillity that makes all worries and sorrows go away, they are simply incomparable with the night sky …

Night life

Let’s leave all sentiments alone and see what else the night Almaty can offer. For fans of the city nightlife there is a large number of clubs, pubs and karaoke bars. Here, visitors can take a break from the daily routine and enjoy listening to music and dancing. And why not? The change of pace is also rest!

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