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Top activities in Almaty in winter

Now let’s talk a little about Top activities in Almaty in winter. Since Almaty’s location is unique, just 2 hours drive and you may reach both the mountains and the desert zone commensurately. With that in mind, in winter, you can find a lot of activities, it all depends on the interests of travellers.

Ice Skating

Almaty proposes a large number of skating rinks, where you can learn to skate or remember the former skills. By the way, the highest altitude mountain Medeu is located 24 km from the city. It is situated at the altitude of 1690 m above sea level and plays the role of the city’s landmark. Many tourists from different parts of the world are eager to get here and see this facility firsthand.

winter activities

Alpine Skiing

Next, we’ll switch to another meaningful activity — the Alpine skiing downhill rides. There are several ski resorts in the suburbs of Almaty. Among these are:

  • Shymbulak, which is known in many countries of the world
  • Ak-Bulak, where besides Alpine skiing you can ride a horse;
  • Tabagan, known for a variety of winter entertainment activities like Alpine skiing, snow tubing, sledges;
  • Almatau, this resort is suitable for beginner skiers or for those who just want to learn how to ski.

Resorts have several ski tracks of different skill classes, thereby, it will be interesting to both amateurs and professionals. On top of this, there are guest houses that open to host visitors wishing to stay overnight. A warm sauna will promote relaxing after a day’s skiing, and a delicious breakfast will contribute to an excellent mood for another day of skiing.

Snow tubing and sledging

We should not forget about such entertainments as sledging and snow tubing downhills. A lot of suitable hills are available near Almaty. Beyond recapture a childhood one can also get an excellent energy boost when sledging. In these latter days, the winter quad biking at the mountain and steppe areas become very popular. These emotions will certainly be best remembered for a long time in your memory.

Ice fishing

Now we will go down to the steppe zone and the ice fishing may be called asone more exciting experiences. However, this amusement is suitable for avid fishermen, because there will be a whole day in the frosty air without much movement, which is quite cold. In the neighborhood of Almaty, the most popular places for ice fishing are the following:

  1. The Kapshagai Reservoir;
  2. Ponds located next to the Alexandrovka and Ornek settlements;
  3. Kurty Reservoir;
  4. Balkhash Lake;

It goes without saying, that it is nice in Almaty, both in summer and in winter. And what’s the main, do not forget the good mood, when you come to visit our city.

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