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Astana is a beautiful city that attracts crowds of tourists from all over the world. Let’s remember the day when the city was declared the new capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 1997. This was due to a number of factors. The capital was moved to the central part of the Republic away from earthquake hazard. Besides, the event started demographic development of the northern regions.

Nowadays, Astana is a highly urbanized city with a rapidly developing infrastructure. There is a huge number of exciting modern sites that make the tour around the city unforgettable. The city reflects the ideas of such famous architects as Norman Foster. In 2017, Astana hosted the world’s largest EXPO event dedicated to future energy. The objects of the exhibition are worth paying special attention because it is a city built within the city with enormous pavilions, hotels, entertaining spots in its premises. This event gave a new impetus to the development of the city and its architecture. During the city tour the guests will have a chance to see the buildings and outstanding sites. There is also a piece of nature that cannot go unnoticed — Borovoye resort is pleased to welcome foreign guests and residents. It never stops amazing with its surroundings, local legends, and lakes that grant a sense of peace.

Visiting Astana and enjoying its splendor is a must-do. Exploring the city and the nature will allow you to get to know the local customs and traditions of people living here. After all, it is travel that helps us broaden our horizons and learn something new and interesting.

To our guests we offer 2 variants of half-day tours in Astana:

Variant 1

In order to better understand today’s life of the city; you will enter the largest and unique shopping center Khan Shatyr. Then you take the elevator to the top of the “Astana-Baiterek” monument, where you can admire the magnificent panorama of the Kazakhstan capital from the special observation deck.

After lunch you will cross Ishym river and get to the Kazakh Eli Square. There you will visit another unique project — the Palace of Peace and Accord, and see the extraordinary beauty of Khazret Sultan mosque. Final point of the excursion will be State Museum.

Variant 2

The tour starts with visiting historical center of the city. You will see the Museum of first President of Kazakhstan, Embankment, Uspenskiy cathedral; you will make a step back in time while visiting the beautiful buildings in the city’s architecture.

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