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After breakfast, we will go by helicopters to Kolsai Lakes, Charyn Canyon, Singing dune and Aktau mountains. It will be amazing excursion. And you will never forget this flight.

helicopter tour

Today we will go to one of the most beautiful places of Almaty region — singing dune. On the way, we can see goitered gazelles, wild sheeps, kulans, as they usually go to the watering place early in the morning. The journey of 50 kilometres will take one hour. Singing dune is comprised of two sandy mounts approximately 150 metres high.

Interestingly, when people hear the name of a singing dune, they imagine some very gentle and quiet melody. However, we hasten to tell you that at the sunny and winde weather, the dune produces a sound similar to that of a reactor roar. Moreover, this is truly a rare phenomenon. Having climbed to the top, we will sit and look around the area of the whole park and realize how great and beautiful our nature is.

Our next stop is Charyn Canyon, one of the pearls of Kazakhstan. We consider this place obligatory for visiting. The fault was formed 12 million years ago, and stretched for 154 km. Has a height of cliffs from 150 to 300 meters. Tourists get into a fairy tale after arriving there, the nature created fanciful figures, blowing the sandy rocks with winds for centuries.

It is a museum of natural nature under the open sky, where exhibits are present: «Valley of Castles», «Witch’s Gorge» and many others. Through the whole canyon there passes the strong Charyn River, perfectly suitable for rafting. In addition, there are rare species of flora survived after glaciation of the earth — ash Sogdian. Here we will have a picnic lunch with amazing view.

After picnic, we will flight to Kolsay lakes. In fact, they are often call the pearl of Kazakhstan. Area 3 is a lake located from each other at 10 km by car is possible only to the first lake, and then you will hike along a forest trail. Walking along this path is a separate story that allows you to plunge into a fairy tale. Hikers are surrounded by the unknown beauty of the mighty spruces, crystal-clear mountain river, which can not be compared with anything. The nature of Kolsay lakes is unique and has no analogues.

Back to Almaty and rest.

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