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We invite ornithologists and just lovers of birds and pristine nature to an exciting journey to the Korgalzhyn Nature Reserve. This is a very picturesque landscape of lakes and steppe most famous for pink flamingos nesting spot. Travelers will have a great opportunity to watch over the life of birds, take a walk in the beautiful countryside and relax from a bustle of the city.


Day 1.

Early arrival in Astana City. Transfer to the hotel. Free-time.

After breakfast, we’ll begin our sightseeing city tour. Astana City has been the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan since 1997. This is a modern city, built according to the design projects developed by foreign architects, such as Norman Foster. The appearance of many buildings is an extraordinary, which undoubtedly contributes to the city skyline.

During the city tour you will see the symbol of the city — the 80-meter Baiterek tower, which can always be seen on a post card or a photo dedicated to Astana City. But other attractions not to be missed. These include the Atameken ethno-memorial complex, it is a kind of open air map of mini-copies of towns and facilities of Kazakhstan. This sight operates only in the summer time, though. You’ll benifit from a closer look at the Orthodox church and the beautiful mosque, and from a visit of the Palace of Peace and Accord. This building has a very unique pyramid form, and there is a viewing platform at the top floor with a panoramic views over the whole city.

We’ll end the day with a walk along the Riverside and head back to the hotel.

Day 2

After a heavy breakfast we’ll begin our journey to the Korgalzhyn State Nature Reserve. Founded back in 1968, it is situated 135 km from Astana City. The reserve is a flat terrain with several fairly large lakes located within its area. The largest of which is the Tengiz Lake. We may only get there using an off-road vehicle since there are no asphalt roads available in the reseve area. From here we’ll journey in search of adventures throughout the stunning part on the fringes of civilization.

Its greatest asset is the pink flamingo. In essence, the reserve have initialy been founded for conservation of pink flamingos. However, later it became a home to many of the other species of birds, such as demoiselle cranes and sociable lapwings. In the Korgalzhyn Nature Reserve, there are 45 species of rare and endemic plants that are under special protection.

Crossing through the marshy area of the Tengiz-Korgaljynskaya lowland, the diversity of flora and fauna, which is typical of the steppe and semi-desert geographical zones, should not be left unnoticed. Many faunal forms are listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan, for example, spoonbill, glossy ibis, black stork, whooper swan and other species.

We’ll end the day with a drive back to the hotel again. Relax and start packing belonings for a night transfer to the airport.

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