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Today we will drive to one of the most interesting place near Almaty. 160 km away from Almaty there is an amazing famous historical site – the Tanbaly Petroglyphs. A journey there takes about 3 hours one way, but we’d like to warn you that the road is in less than perfect condition. However, this does not spoil the overall impression of the unique natural object. The Tanbaly petroglyphs are an ancient outdoor monument of petroglyphs, listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Tanbaly petroglyphs

Petroglyphs are ancient images of ancestors from the bronze age left on stone. The drawings depict sun-headed deities, sacrificial offerings, actions, battles, various animals and lots of historical symbols. All of them represent the life and activities of people who once lived in the territory of Southern Kazakhstan.

This area is also symbolic as the territory of Almaty and Almaty region was part of the routes for trade caravans carrying goods from East to West called the Great Silk Road. Nowadays, the Tanbaly Petroglyphs are the property of the Republic of Kazakhstan. There are natural international conferences taking place here. Now, this monument of natural heritage is under protection, and scientists from all around the world continue to explore it.

The land of Tanbaly attracts tourists from all over the world, because the petroglyphs is a truly unique natural heritage of Kazakhstan. It is here that you can breathe the spirit of antiquity and enjoy the history of the creation and the life of the first people. If you stop and look around, you can feel the events of the past, the full might and power of the sacred places.

After wonderful and exiting excursion, we will back to Almaty.

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