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Our trip explores Western Kazakhstan, more precisely its small but beautiful part — the Boszhira Valley, which once was a bay of the sea that dried up ages ago. It can be compared to Arizona though the Kazakh valley is completely white.

The valley of Boszhira is the most beautiful place of Mangyshlak. It fascinates with its vastness and spectacular views as if it belonged to another planet with no rivers or highways, where the greatness of nature is unwavering …

The total length of the route is 581 km, 376 km of which runs on the paved road, another 108 km go on the country road and 97 km on the grader road.

boszhira tour

Tour program:

Day 1

In the morning the departure from the city of Aktau is planned and we are moving towards Zhanaozen. During the journey we are going to visit an exciting place, namely the underground mosque of Shopan Ata. According to a legend the great Sufi poet and philosopher Hodja Ahmed Yasawiw was his teacher. Here we get to know the extraordinary burial ground on the premises of the mosque, as well as the rituals and traditions carried out in the holy places of eternal rest.

Next, we move to a unique place of inselberg mountain Bokty. On the dried surface of the relief there is a lonely pyramid-shaped mountain. It is about 150 m high. Here you can take beautiful photos that will remind you of the trip to this wonderful land.

By the evening we reach the climax destination of our journey — the valley of Boszhir. On arrival we have some rest and enjoy the surroundings. Here we have camping dinner and spend the night in tents.

Day 2

After breakfast, we explore the area. The Boszhira Valley is a colorful ledge of the Ustyurt Plateau decorated with chalk mountains and inselberg spires. These are dazzling white rocks, the most famous of which is the one with limestone peaks reaching toward the sky resembling two claws.

There are a lot of online images of them, and anyone who is planning to visit Western Kazakhstan has seen them. Surrounded by fantastic dazzling white, lunar-like landscapes you can fully experience the power of nature. Here we expect to have a 4-km walk so you could stretch your legs after a long journey.

Our journey back lays through the sand dunes of Tuiesu near the village of Senek.

In the evening of the second day we come back to the city of Aktau.

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