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Today we’ll take a drive to the Altyn Emel National Nature Reserve, the journey distance is 400 km, the time is appproximatelly 3 hours. It should be noted that most of the way, we will drive along the highway, but the National Park road is bumpy. The park is covering over 520 thousand hectares, there are about 2000 species of plants, a couple of dozen of which are listed in the Red book. 56 species of animals that live in the national park are listed in the Red book of Kazakhstan.

Day 1

Upon arrival at the Basshi village (our guest house is located here) we’ll check in the guest house, at the same place we will have our lunch. Well, after the lunch we’ll travel to Aktau and Katutau. The journey to Aktau, which means the white mountains, will take approximately two hours, 90 kilometres one way.

In the white mountains we’ll go for a stroll along the riverbed, take excellent shots, and our guide will tell you about the history how the park was established and about inhabitants of the national park.

Our next point of destination is Katutau, which is translated as cruel mountains, since you will get lost there very easily, but won’t find a water in the rocks. A lot of beautiful photos could be taken at the Katutau too. Broadly speaking, it is a very nice and mysterious place that keeps a great much history. Then, we’ll head back to the guest house, where dinner and overnight stay for us.

It should be emphasised that the guest rooms of the guest house have sanitary accomodations inside, but if you choose a standard room then sanitary accomodations will be common at the storey.

Day 2

On the second day we will go to the singing dune. On the way we can see goitered gazelles, wild sheeps, kulans, as they usually go to the watering place early in the morning. The journey of 50 kilimetres will take one hour. Singing dune is comprised of two sandy mounts approximately 150 metres high.

Altyn Emel singing Dune

Singing dune in Altyn Emel

Interestingly, when people hear the name of a singing dune, they imagine some very gentle and quiet melody. But we hasten to tell you that at the sunny and winde weather, the dune produces a sound similar to that of a reactor roar. And this is truly a rare phenomenon. Having climbed to the top, we will drink some water, sit and look around the area of the whole park and realize how great and beautiful our nature is.

Upon arrival back to the guest house, we are in for a dinner and then we are going home.

At 20:00 we will reach Almaty city and our hotel.

Price according the request

In program include:

  • comfortable transport with a/c
  • English speaking guide
  • accommodation in guest house
  • meals in Altyn Emel
  • ecological fees
  • lunch boxes
  • water
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