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This tour provides you an opportunity to visit two capitals of the Republic of Kazakhstan. To explore major attractions and taste the exclusivity of nature.

Almaty city tour

Almaty is quite a unique city. It has managed to cope with the rapidly changing updates of life. There are numerous parks and open spaces with fountains in the city, the streets are vestured with flowered beds, as well as a large number of orchards at the outskirts of the city. Almaty extends along the spurs of the Zailiysky Alatau mountains.

Almost every city corner offers stunning views of the mountains. At the same time, the city has a business aspect. A distinctive feature of Almaty is the frequent running of various international events. This is due to the convenient location, progressive infrastructure, as well as the city reserves the right to be a leader in the cultural lifestyle and industrial field.

Astana City Tour

Astana is the main city of the country, the capital of our homeland — the Republic of Kazakhstan. The city is an important cultural and industrial center, besides this is the place, where highways and railways are concentrated into the junction. Every year Astana attracts more and more tourist flows from around the globe to look at the rapidly urbanized city, especially after the EXPO-2017 exhibition.


Day 1

  • Accompanying service by the Tour Asia Travel Agency representative at arrival and transfer to the hotel, check-in and free-time at the hotel
  • Orientation tour over the city, where the folowing attractions will spread out before you:

Park of 28 Guardsmen of Panfilov Devision, the park is named after the Great Patriotic War heroes;

The Cathedral is the completely wooden building, which has been erected without a single nail.

Museum of Folk Musical Instruments with the collection, which represents various types and variations of musical instruments of the Kazakh people.

National Museum of Kazakhstan, which reposits items that show the development of Kazakhstan.

The Republic Square is the outstanding square of ​​Almaty City with the Monument of Independence surrounded by fountains.

The City Tour is continued with the following. Visit to Kok-Tobe mount, with the observation deck at its top, where you can see a beautiful panorama of the entire city of Almaty, as well as the endless horizon of the steppe area. Kok-Tobe hosts several good restaurants and cafes;

The Medeo Gorge  where a large the world most high-altitude ice rink for winter sports has been built.

Day 2

— 8:00 AM — Morning meal at the hotel.

9:00 AM — 7:00 PM — A guided trip to the Charyn Canyon (200 km). Approximate travel time 3.5 hours one way.

Charyn Canyon

The Charyn Canyon, which stretches east of Almaty, and could uniquely be comparable only with the Grand Canyon in Colorado. Inimitable land forms that are deformed under the weathering of the wind will allow you to plunge into the enchanting and mythical world of intricate sculptures made of sandstone, called «Valley of Castles», «Gorge of Witches» and so on. The Canyon extends for 154 km, and the height of scarp slopes, arches and columns from 1500 to 300 metres. The Charyn River flows at the bottom of the Canyon, which is popular for rafting. The phenomenal representative of the world’s flora — the Sogdian ash, which existed before the glaciation era, was able to protect itself at this area.

Day 3

— Morning meal at the hotel

— A trip to the Turgen Gorge, located 90 km from the city of Almaty, which represents an amazing natural corner. The area is rich with coniferous forests, water cascades, hot and cold springs, as well as grasslands, various fruit trees and species of healing herbs. Rocky massifs of the gorge preserved in their memory a vegetation cover that grew even before the ice age.

Issyl Lake


— During this day, one more trip lies ahead, namely, trip to the Issyk Lake, which is located in a nearby gorge. The area is famous for the beautiful and picturesque lake of the Zailiysky Alatau Ridge, which is hidden at an altitude of 1800 metres above sea level. A breathtaking landscape draws tourists from all over the world and always pleases their eyes, stays in memory for a long time.

— Head back to the Almaty City

— Evening departure to Astana by the fast premium service train.

— Overnight at the train

Day 4

— Pick up at arrival to the railway station

— Transfer to the hotel and a little rest after the overnight train ride.

— Excursion tour around the city of Astana: visiting the Monument of Independence,

— Palace of Peace and Accord,

— the 80-meter Baiterek Tower, which is a symbol of Kazakhstan, a monument that absorbed philosophical, political and historical significance;

Russian Orthodox Church,

The Nur-Astana Mosque,

— Atameken ethno-memorial complex, which is a kind of open-air museum. The Map shows significant sights of Kazakhstan’s regions and cities: from historical architectural memorials and landscape features (mountains, lakes, etc.) to the largest modern industrial facilities. Walking the Map ways, which represent the main motor roads and railways of the country, you may see the most interesting facilities of the Republic of Kazakhstan,


— Walk about the Ishim Riverside.

Day 5

— Airport transfer

— Departure homewards

In program include:

  • comfortable transport with a/c
  • accommodation in hotels 3* or 4* in Almaty and Astana
  • English speaking guide for excursions in both cities
  • entrance free
  • ecological fees
  • lunch boxes to Issyk Lake and Charyn Canyon

In pogram not include:

  • meals in a cities
  • train or flight ticket from Almaty to Astana
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